So many problems in the world around us are caused by our inability to feel for one another.
Inspired by this sense of crisis in our hearts, we formed
Artoner as a partnership of local artists to deepen the connections of human sensitivity.


TOMOS in epicecafe 2012.07.07

Artist exchange meeting held in Japan's Shiga


With the idea of “Art as your life partne,”Artoner breathes life into our community by creativity and unity.

So? How are we a partner to the art lifestyle?

Artoner provides the space and opportunity for art to find an audience.
Artoner introduces a wide variety of artists, who are active in Shiga,
through its website, radio program, and events,
to help their work become known and accessible.

What do we hope to accomplish by
providing this space and opportunity?

“To improve our surroundings and breathe life into our community.”
When people come into contact with each others’ various senses of values, the experience develops their sensitivity and enriches their own passion and feelings.
Reflecting thoughtfully on the joy of life, people, and objects, and allowing them to have their own, true meanings, will trigger a cycle, leading to a stable, wonderful environment.

Artoner is a structure that makes it possibleto create the space and opportunity for art to be your partner in life.

1. Artist Introductions

Artoner publishes information on Shiga Artists on its homepage.

2. Event Planning

Artoner plans and holds a variety of events, such as:

  • [Art] X [Artist] = [Art Exhibition]
  • [Art] X [Industry] = [Promote connections to society]
  • [Art] X [People] = [Bringing the community together]

3.Radio Program

Artoner invites artists to join its regular radio program and introduce their work. We also broadcast information on local art and events!


We want to host one-on-one dialogues that turn a spotlight on a variety of themes related to art and human interaction and share articles based on the results.

5.Enterprise Connection

We introduce artists to commerce and industry, and serve as a go-between for the two!

6.Artist “Manager” Services

We take on requests to help artists get their information out to the public, such as database management and website creation.

7.Bringing Art to the Classroom

We help to bring active artists into educational environments to work together with students in hands-on learning about art.

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